Why am I learning languages?

Updated: Aug 23, 2020

*Once my skills have improved, I’ll come back to write this post in the target languages.*


I want to improve my salsa dancing and know what is said in the songs. I hope that Spanish will help me better communicate with the teachers and earn respect in the dance scene.


I love how Portuguese sounds! The pronunciation and enunciate! I also love Brazilian culture… or at least my idea it. The music, the healthy lifestyle, the nature, the color, the drag queens, and the gayness! The Brazilians I have met are very warm-hearted and kind. I hope to live in Brazil in the near future.


I want to keep my connection to the country and the people I know in India from the time I spent living there for eight months after high school.


So that I can communicate when I visit Timbuktu and my family in Mali one day (I did a DNA test and I am 3% Malian OK).

  • So that I can speak to the instagram famous French Vogue dancers.

  • So that I can understand the music.

  • So I can party in the French-Arabic gay clubs in Europe and Northern Africa that I’ve dreamt of.

  • It would also be chill to work for the UN and another international company.

Additionally, I’ll be able to communicate with people from 62 more countries — countries which include the languages I want to learn as their official language (used in government and education)!

French: 29 countries

Spanish: 21 countries

Hindi: 2 countries

Portuguese: 10 countries

That’s 2,618,660,367 MORE new people who I have access to speaking with!

DISCLAIMER: this number is a sum of all the country populations, but disregards those who speak indigenous languages, migrant populations, and other non-native speakers. I am not sure if it’s truly possible to know how many people truly speak the language, but I think the number would be close to that approximation.

On another note, looking up the countries where my target learning languages are spoken taught me a lot. What I learned from looking up the countries where the languages I am learning are spoken…

  • An estimated 41 million USA residents, or 13.5% of the population, speak Spanish at home.

  • Paraguay is a bilingual country. Both Spanish and Guaraní are the official languages.

  • Four countries in the world contain the word Guinea. Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Equatorial Guinea, and Papua New Guinea.

  • Why are so many countries named Guinea? Comes from a Portuguese word that refers to the Guineus African inhabitants who lived South of the Senegalese river.

  • In Guinea-Bissau, Portuguese is spoken by 11% of the population and French is taught in schools.

  • Two different countries share the same word ‘Congo’: Republic of the Congo and Democratic Republic of the Congo. The word comes from the word ‘Kongo’ meaning ‘a public gathering’ in one of the Bantu regional languages of Kikongo.

Learn where your target language is spoken here.

Test your geography here and beat my score of 68%.

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