My 'ah-ha!' moments - an ongoing list

Here are my language achievements…

  • (2013) Learning Preterité — memorizing the Spanish preterite tense with the help of my Librito de Preterité that my teacher had us create in class.

  • (2016) Memorizing Hindi characters: I memorized the sounds of the devanagari vowels and consonants, after a month of living in Panchgani, Maharashtra, with my own little flashcards.

  • (2018) Understanding pronunciation of Portuguese letters after reviewing words with the same letter patterns.

  • (2019) I had a full conversation with my friend Julia, who knows a good amount of Portuguese herself — even if it wasn’t perfect. I had never taken a Portuguese class!

  • (2020) Learning very little Indonesian Bahasa for a weekend — I realized that there are many similar cognate words with Hindi, Spanish, and Arabic. I think I even cried saying, “Wow! We are all connected.”

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