“If I were fluent in [Spanish/French/Hindi/Portuguese] TODAY, what would I do with it?”

While searching the internet for self-learning language techniques and doing my own language practice for some time now, I came across this great article.

Kevin Morehouse writes that in order to break the fantasy of ‘being fluent’ you must ask the question: “If I were fluent in [target language] today, what would I do with it?” This forced me to think of what I would actually like to do with the languages; more tangible goals of listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

The hardest part for me as a beginner to this self-learning process, has been creating direct goals and being honest with myself of what I am actually more interested in doing. So let’s go…

If I were fluent in Spanish, French, Hindi, and Portuguese I would…

(1) Take salsa classes in Spanish and splits classes in my other target languages.

(2) Interview dancers, musicians, and academics for (a.) news reporting and (b.) for my global news and music show.

(3) Read the news in all languages.

(4) Learn about the vogue dance scene in Paris. Watch dancers’ instagram live videos.

(5) Learn about the gay scene and human rights in Brazil by messaging in WhatsApp groups and watching interviews.

(6) Watch Bollywood movies.

So what now?

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